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My name is Catherine and I'm 24 years old. I'm Armenian, Greek, and Mexican. I'd like to become a police officer or a lawyer one day.University of California, Irvine alumni! <3 Criminology, Law, and Society degree! I love to smile and laugh. I love helping others. I love animals and flowers. I love looking at the stars. I love blue, green, and pink. I always have hope. I try to be positive even if it is difficult at times <3




US has a higher prison population than any other country! Check out this and other crazy facts about prison.

15 Cold Hard Facts About Prison 

this is really scary. i never wanna go prison

I wish prison could be like Litchfield XD

I knew these! Criminology, Law and Society degree here :)

October 13, 1993 - Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is released